About Terre des Hommes

We work to guarantee that every child has a safe and enjoyable childhood, that every young
person feels empowered and that every community we work with is engaged. Together with
children, we fight to ensure that child rights are respected in full and implemented, leaving
no one behind, and we engage to influence political agendas and strategies that affect
children and young people.

The Terre des Hommes movement was created in 1960 by Edmond Kaiser. Mr Kaiser was a
Swiss-French citizen who was so appalled by the living conditions of children in refugee
camps during the 1960 Algerian conflict that he dedicated the rest of his life to helping
children in need. The movement quickly expanded to other countries and in 1966, the Terre
des Hommes International Federation was formed.

“For every child, a childhood. Every young person empowered. Every community engaged.”


It is our mission to make our vision a reality.

Through our 890 projects in 68 countries, we work to protect children from extreme poverty, violence and exploitation.

We empower children and young people to actively shape the societies they live in and to inspire sustainable systemic change which puts their needs first.

We involve all the relevant actors for positive results (parents, caregivers and the highest officials).

When mobilising our partners, expertise and resources, we create environments where children thrive.

Terre des Hommes is constantly increasing its capacity to protect children and defend their rights everywhere.

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The Terre des Hommes International Federation is now a network of nine organisations with headquarters in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland (where we have two organisations – Terre des Hommes Switzerland and the Terre des hommes Foundation in Lausanne). We work in 68 countries and with 895 partners. The Terre des Hommes International Federation is supported by an International Secretariat, with offices in Geneva and Brussels.