Our commitment to accountability and to 'Keeping Children Safe'

We are accountable to our stakeholders for delivering quality work and monitoring our impact, for working in respectful partnership to achieve shared goals and for ensuring that funds are spent efficiently, in line with human rights standards. In 2013, we signed up to the civil society organisation accountability charter Accountable Now.

We are committed to guaranteeing our staff, operations and programmes do no harm to children and that any concerns about children’s safety are reported.

We have a level 1 certification for safeguarding children by the Keeping Children Safe network (originally awarded in 2016 and renewed in 2020).

We are committed to meeting the highest standards in preventing bullying, harassment, fraud and any other professional misconduct, with all staff and stakeholders encouraged to report any concerns they have to the specifically designated concern@terredeshommes.org email address. In total Terre des Hommes managed 40 cases from August 2022 until September 2023, 37 cases are closed, three are still open. This is a slight increase compared to the previous reporting year with 35 cases. The secretary general forwarded all of them to the respective TDH MOs who followed-up and closed the cases.

We are committed to and actively working on reducing our environmental footprint throughout the Terre des Hommes network. For example, we prioritise virtual meetings and electronic communications, organise in-person meetings in locations accessible by train, use recycled materials, recycle waste, and support remote working.

Taking note of the scientific consensus and the urgent call to action, Terre des hommes Foundation in Switzerland has committed to and is taking action to reduce its emissions by 50% by 2030 by participating in the Climate Action Accelerator.

Find out more about the organisation’s mission and efforts on our website.